Credit crunch riots

While the ‘first credit crunch riots’ in Greece, and ‘mobs causing violent scenes in Italy, Spain, Russia, Denmark and Turkey’ dotted web news this week – life in Sweden continues to be peaceful. The recession seems to be hitting hard at the poorest members of society – so perhaps we will see more of this upheaval in the next year. Let’s hope that something constructive and new comes out of it – perhaps an economic system focused holistically on creating a pleasant world rather than one based on idea that everything is a commodity and continual profit can be made. I’m pretty sure if we reconstructed the ‘way we do business’ we could make real inroads in stopping climate change, creating something more akin to an equal society, as well as actually working to fulfill human needs rather than creating more of them. Ahh… dreaming of a better world.

It was gratifying to find out that the founder of Lush financially supports climate change protesters. Although sad that he himself didn’t just get out there and do something himself rather than allowing other people to build up criminal records for themselves. Perhaps he could look into investing some of that money into more viable forms of transport…

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