Mike and Keita in Gothenburg

Keita and Mike arrived yesterday and bravely accepted the drizzling wet Gothenburg as a nice city. It’s not the best time of the year to see the place but native Göteborgians tell me that it rarely snows here and rain and wind are to be expected all through winter so I guess everyone who visits me is going to have to bravely accept it too.
After taking them to our newly polished flat and dropping bags off, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and later, after a cat nap, we took them to Stars and Bars for a typical Swedish afterwork. I am sadly not a fan of the popular afterwork places – it’s something about the the outdoor queuing system and the jostling crowds inside that put me off. If I’m going to have a plate of food and a drink between 5 and 7 on a Friday night, then I like to have a seat to go with it. Stars and Bars offers such luxury and also does a glass of wine for a mere 29 kroners which by Swedish standards is cheap.

Today it is somewhat misty and damp but we will not be put off attending the Climate Change demonstration in Jarntorget at 12 noon today.

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