Bias, Palestine/Israel and the Media

Israel appears to be hell bent on continuing their attack on Palestine – I don’t know whether it’s the desire not to look ‘soft on the Palestine’s’ in the face of the upcoming Israeli election or the ending of the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. What is certain is that the situation is causing untold suffering in Palestine. And in Britain and America the lack of unbiased news story is depressing. American and British politicians and media are generally pro-Israel and apt to portray a biased and unfair description of the situation. John Stewart was commenting on his show that you never hear a politician in America just admitting that it’s a complicated issue – the focus is always why Isreal is in the right. It’s the same in the British press – the use of language, integral bias in news articles, omission of facts and the non-reporting of certain things is something that Media Lens are good at analyzing.

On Saturday we stumbled across a large Palestine demonstration congregating near the Art Museum here in Gothenburg. There seem to demonstrations around the world. The next big one in London is on Saturday but there seem to be daily ones outside the Israeli Embassy as well. Meanwhile for a good idea of what is going on try reading articles by Jonathan Cook a British journalist out in Israel.

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