Frozen solid

I had a truly exciting moment when on the 29th we walked out to the woods behind the Botanical Gardens only to find the lakes and ponds frozen over and people ice skating and playing ice hockey. Utterly amazing. I’ve never seen a lake frozen over before. We had to go and stand on it but of course it was terrifying especially when we heard the ice cracking. The ice has cracked up now but the canals in Gothenburg still have large sheets of ice floating on the top.
We spent New Year Eve watching the fireworks from our flat window and moving the rest of the stuff down the hill to our new, cozy miniature sized flat. I guess it’s a good way to start the new year – by saving money – but we will miss our old place with it’s view of the lipstick building and any fireworks that may be happening down at the habour.
The family have now all gone home back to England but I am still left with one mince pie and a jar of marmite!

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