Slimbox, Simple+ and Zenphoto

Hip hip hooray – my photo gallery looks better today. As you know I use Zenphoto to display all my lovely pictures and today disheartened by the fact that although the theme I use with it is great to look at, sadly there was no functioning JavaScript (such as Lightbox) to make the photos look great. So I set K the task of finding out why Slimbox wasn’t working with the Simple+ theme as was so claimed on the descriptive blurb and here is what I found out…

He managed to sort out the problem by installing jQuery Lightbox. It turns out that Simple+ was written using Slimbox and Mootools at a time when Zenphoto didn’t use any of these Javascript libraries. But then Zenphone re-released with jQuery built into the application and this was incompatible with Mootools. Although the new Slimbox is supposed to support jQuery – on first go it didn’t seem to work.

So if you too want to use Simple+ with something Lightbox-esque then try installing jQuery lightbox –
1. Go to album.php in the theme/simple+ folder
2. Remove references to Mootools
3. Replace links to Slimbox with links to jQuery lightbox
and Bob’s your Uncle – you’ve got yourself a beautiful photo gallery!

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