University Students Occupy in support of Palestinians and Tony Benn makes a stand

The situation in Gaze continues – over a dozen universities in the UK have seen student occupations some of which seem to have been successful to some degree. The universities so far are:

SOAS – Occupation 13th-16th January
LSE – Occupation 15th-22nd January
Essex – Occupation started 16th January and still going
King’s College Occupation started 20th January and still going
Birmingham – Occupation 20th-21st January ended by illegal police eviction.
Warwick – Occupation started 21st January and still going
Sussex – Occupation started 20th January and still going
Oxford – Occupation 22nd-22nd January
Manchester Met – Occupation 22nd-23rd January
Leeds Occupation started 22nd January and still going
Cambridge – Occupation started 23rd January

Others without websites so far are Newcastle (Occupation started 22nd January), Nottingham (Occupation started 23rd January), Kingston (Occupation started 23rd January), Salford (Occupation started 23rd January) and Bristol (Occupation started 23rd January).

Many of the university students have negotiated good terms with the universities – check their websites for more details on what their demands were.

Meanwhile the BBC has refused to air an advert appealing for aid for Gaza, despite a storm of complaints. Tony Benn went on News 24 on TV and on the Today programme on the radio and instead of allowing them to interview him he gave the appeal instead. Go Tony Go!

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