We won’t do business with Israel

I can’t believe the horror is continuing on Palestine. How dare the Israeli government perpetuate such atrocities in the face of the outraged international community.
However there is some hope coming out of the situation. There have been massive protests in Norway, and the Managing Director of a VOIP company emailed Israeli MobileMax to say they can no longer do business with them in the light of the Israeli government’s actions.
Here in Sweden the protests continue in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Will a few more things like this force Israel to rethink it’s actions? Well perhaps not – given what their policy of land appropriation and treatment towards Palestine – but it certainly can’t hurt. Unless people speak out Israel’s actions will go unchecked. Without access to factual information, their actions may even seem justified.
K has been posting up about Israel’s use of ‘New Media’ propaganda which just goes to show that although the face of media is changing – the use of it as a weapon of propaganda isn’t. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s up to us to educate ourselves and use the internet to learn about and spread ideas about a better world and guard against it being used reinforce the social order and power structure as it is. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that government, media, business and those with a vested interest in maintaining their power structures will be using the Internet to further their interests and using this ‘cool’ new medium to reach the ‘youf’.
Rant over! To keep yourself update on Gaza, check out the Media Lens message board, where loads of people are posting really useful information and links up.

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