A quick trip to Suomenlinna

It was our last day in Helsinki today and we thought we’d head out to Suomenlinna on the ferry. This group of islands served as a military fortress and prison for the last two hundred years and has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of European fortification architecture. There wasn’t much open on the island at this time of the year but the information centre with attached museum was open and provided some tables and chairs for chilled picnickers as well as free washroom facilities. We wandered over the islands and wished it was was summer so we could really appreciate it. We ended up in Cafe Chapman for a cup of coffee before getting the ferry back and dashing to the airport just in time to get our flight back to Gothenburg. I was pleased to discover that Blue 1 offer complimentary coffee on their flights – the coffee was all the better for being free. The sun was shinning when we got back to Gothenburg and it felt like we were coming home.

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