Kringlan, Starcups, Egg and Milk, Condeco and Notting Hill

Since coming back to Gothenburg I’ve been cafe hopping. I spent a rainy morning in Café Kringlan with Jo and a sunny afternoon with Moragh in Starcups. Starcups is great – the slices of cake are huge and incredibly satisfying. The place is immaculately cared for and there is free wifi access. Best of all Starbucks the evil giant doesn’t like the name of the place and is engaged in a dispute with the owner.
I breakfasted at Egg and Milk yesterday morning with Cheri and was pleasantly surprised at how good their smoothies were. It’s a 1950s style America diner and it was fun watching people much on their syrup covered pancakes in the depth of Sweden. We enjoyed sitting out in the sun so much that we wandered up to the botanical gardens and had a coffee outside their cafe. I then spent the afternoon and evening hopping from Starcups to Condeco to Notting Hill with Moragh. This is the life.

2 Responses to “Kringlan, Starcups, Egg and Milk, Condeco and Notting Hill”

  1. Ellie Says:

    Your cafe hopping sounds wonderful fun…………here in Norwich spring has arrived………daffodils along the Riverside Walk………. street musicians……..sunshine………..cyclists everywhere

  2. Cheri Says:

    Hey girlie….can’t believe I got a mention in your blog! I am very happy and I must also too express my love for Eggs and Milk breakfasts!

    2 words….Don’t go!


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