Things to do in Helsinki

I got up this morning to try that most Finish of things – a sauna. The hotel has one for boys and one for girls and it’s not just a sauna – it’s a whole complex complete with room to put your clothes, a relaxation room, shower room and sauna. I had the whole thing to myself and spent a good half hour in there. Another day and another ridiculously huge buffet breakfast. We then borrowed some bikes from the hotel and cycled round the city. We stopped and looked at the Finish Orthodox church – which stands on a hill looking down over the harbour. The air was heavy with incense and the the floor packed with worshipers. I then headed off randomly cycling around the city to get a feeling for the place and ended up at the Botanical Gardens. There was much outside but the glasshouses are beautiful 19th century glass constructions. I even saw some little kids dressed up as witches which is apparently an Easter tradition very similar to ‘trick or treat’ at Halloween.
It’s an easy city to cycle around and I managed to see some of the landmarks including the massive white Lutheran Cathedral.
I ended by back at Kiasma – the Museum of Contemporary Art and spent a very pleasant afternoon inside. The entrance fee was a hefty 7 Euros but you can leave your coat for free as well as take a free audio guide round with you so it seemed reasonable enough. My favourite was Drop by Heikki Ryynänen.
After a cup of tea K and I were ready to find a bar for a drink and a catch up with the author of the Globos project.

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