Finding home

It was a busy week last week. Work ate a huge chunk of every day and then the evenings were spent cycling backwards and forwards to the letting agent to sort out the flat key and other such neccessities. I did manage to get out a bit and squeezed in a Stop The War meeting at the CB2 Cafe on Monday evening. On Thursday Andy and I wandered around the centre of cambridge, stopping for chips at the Greek Fish and Chip Shop, tea at the Copper Kettle, a bottle of cider at one of the many river side pubs and a plastic cup of lemonade at The Mill.

I then spent the entire weekend moving, lugging boxes, bags and flat packed tables around. I couldn’t have done it without Mum. By midnight on Sunday we were dropping with exhaustion as the adrenalin wore off but we nipped off the the train station to collect Tim so we could hear all about his trip to Vancouver.

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