Cafes and Liseberg

K and I went and had a fika at Steinbrenner and Nyberg on Södra Vägen thanks to Karin and her money saving two for one voucher. It’s a lovely cafe with a hidden courtyard at the back. We munched paninis and sketched the brick work and bushes. Thanks Karin!

It was a day of free things and thanks to Anni we had free entrance tickets for Liseberg and perhaps most exciting of all we had free tickets for a ride. So very bravely we went on Balder and it was truly terrifying. I was clinging on for dear life as the tiny carriage plummeted to the earth leaning on its side. The pictures show me pale and frozen while K is smiling and relaxed as if he’s strolling in the park on a sunny day. It was all worth it as afterwards although my legs were shaking and my mouth was dry – I felt I’d been given a new lease of life. Thanks Anni!

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