The weekend in Cambridge

The weekend passed under grey skies but no rain. Friday I spent with Jolien, Vassessa and Nicole in the Fort St George. On Saturday I convinced Jolien to come to the FitzWilliam with me and we managed to go on a free tour of the Darwin exhibition. On Sunday my neighbour, Jolien and I all went to Jesus College to look at the sculpture and the church before winding up in the Copper Kettle for a drink. Then it was back to work yesterday with aching fingertips because I decided to take up playing the guitar on Sunday night. Tim’s guitar is left handed so I’m learning it all the wrong way round but I can almost play a couple of notes although moving between the notes quickly and gracefully is really hard. Today the sun is shinning and after work I’m off to the Peace Cafe’s book club to discuss John Berger From A to X and then to the Free Press to meet up with the humanists.

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