Places to eat and places to be

It’s been a busy week. Wednesday saw me at the public lecture at the Institute of Astronomy. It was a fairly clear night so we got a chance to do some public observing. Both the large telescopes were trained on the moon and there was a much smaller one trained on Jupiter. We got to see the four of Jupiter’s moons. The lecture hall was packed with eager listeners and when we all splurged outside there were crowds of people queuing for telescopes and surrounding the big screens set up on the lawn.
Friday I ate lunch at the St John’s Chop House where at lunch time you can munch a tasty two courses for £11. In the evening I divided my time between The Punter, The Maypole, Andy, Eric, Nic and Steven. The Punter is a lovely pub with great decor and friendly staff. At lunch time you can get a meal there for £5 and it’s not bad at all. The Maypole is a favourite student hang out so don’t go there unless you love the student vibe. They also do great food so it’s worth a visit.

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