Getting to grips with day to day life in Grenoble

Yesterday we ate at one of the six cafeterias at the Université Pierre Mendès-France Sciences Sociales. If you’re a student you can get a card to eat there and a meal consisting of a main course, a salad, a roll and a yoghurt is only €2.90. It all comes in easy to transport containers and water is free from a dispenser in the centre. It’s not much of a place to eat in but the food is ok.
Afterwards we spent a very pleasant evening catching the tram to Carrefour to do some shopping! They have self service machines there with English as an option which certainly makes shopping easier. We decided to try a nice looking organic Côtes du Rhône which meant a very late night for both of us.
This morning I’ve been examining the laundry facilities here at the student residence. There is a laundry room in the residence that is free of charge to the inhabitance. You simple have to book a slot for your room on a weekly planner taped to the machines. It’s not a sophisticated as the Swedish system that we got so used to but at least it’s free. It certainly seems cheaper to be a student in Grenoble than in England.
There are still clouds looming over the mountains but I think I’m going to brave the cycle ride to the Museum of Resistance and Deportation which is open on Tuesday afternoons.

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