Trams, shopping and bakeries in Grenoble

I was impressed with the tram network in Grenoble which is fairly new and very efficient. Tram tickets are easy to buy in Grenoble – the machines have about four languages to choose from including English. It’s possible to buy tickets for the week, month or year. I went for a 10 trip card that lasts for 10 trips and costs €11.90. You have to validate your card before you get on the tram and then that stamp allows you to travel by tram and bus for up to an hour. When you change you should validate your ticket again but if it’s with the hour then there is no cost. The trams (when not on strike) are very reliable and relatively clean.

It turns out that the large shopping centre called Grand Place isn’t open on Sundays. It looked ominous as we arrived in the somewhat deserted area on the tram and a brief look round confirmed it was perhaps a wasted tram journey. So we headed back into the centre and grabbed a sandwich from Bourbon a bakery in Place Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame Square) and then a large ice cream from Punto Gusto. It seems that cafes and boulangeries in Grenoble are generally open on Sundays. With a tremendous amount of sugar coursing through our veins we walked up the hill to the Musée Dauphinois and took in the views of Grenoble. It’s only about an eighth of the way up the hill but it was enough for us and we headed back to scoff bread and drink wine in K’s student residence.

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