Canoeing up the Cam

Ellie, Jon and his girlfriend have all come to visit and have spent the entire day kindly stripping the stairwell of wallpaper. I came home to find the job unexpectedly done, the house looking all spick and span and my dinner in the oven. What a nice thing to come home to. After dinner we took Jon’s new inflatable canoe out and pumped it up. It only takes about 10 minutes to get ready. Being careful of the all the rose bushes we manoeuvred it out of the garden and down to the river where we proceeded to take turns paddling up and down the waterway. On one trip we spotted Mike and coerced him into the canoe for paddling fun. After a good hour and a half we packed up and traipsed home with bits of willow in our hair and only very slightly damp clothes.

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