Last day of August

The last day of August was warm and bright and I’m really hoping we’re in for a nice Indian Summer after the month of rain we’re just had. All that wet weather hasn’t been in the vain though because the garden is looking lovely. To celebrate the last of the summer I headed to Hemingford Grey yesterday with Adam for a BBQ. What a lovely little village and what beautiful apple trees. It was all I could do from preventing myself from scrumping!
The weekend is over now and it sure is quiet now that Mum has left. The flat was beautifully polished and tidied but I’ve been making a significant effort to create washing up to give it a homely feel of sorts. On the way home today I stopped by the Farmers Outlet on Lensfield Road to pick up a quiche for dinner and reminded myself of what great shop it is. And what a delicious quiche. I’m using the excuse that it was sort of small to explain why I ate it all. I did manage to cycle some of it off when I raced to meet Andy and Ciara at the cinema in the Grafton Center. We went to see the Expendables – not the sort of film I’d pay to see but you’d be surprised what I’ll watch if it’s free!

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