Writing, painting and tea parties

After days of rain and no waterproof coat due to an unfortunate incident with someone who needed one and my bike panniers, the sun has finally come out for our writer’s group today.
Our last meeting at CB2 was very successful in terms of people and amazing literature and today we’re going to try the Arts Picture House in search of the perfect quiet venue in Cambridge.

I’ve been doing a tiny amount of writing over the last month as work has been consuming vast chunks of my days. In an incredible show of support Mum, Jon, Sim and Tim have all been working hard decorating the flat and it’s now a veritable vision of new curtains, cream walls and polished floors. The ’70s wallpaper has gone and the smell of new paint lingers. I’ve supplied cups of tea, dinners and a hint of a tint of help but have to confess without them the wallpaper stripper would probably still be in its box. Talking of which I owe a big thanks to Elly who kindly lent me the machine and who braving the rain clouds hosted a delectable charity tea party in her garden yesterday. Thank you from my walls and my tummy!

On Friday some of us from work went for lunch at The Punter where they still do a great £5 lunch on weekdays. The food there is amazing. It totally spoils you for eating elsewhere. It is by far the nicest pub in Cambridge.

Yesterday I lunched with Alex and Mike at the Patisserie Valerie and we were lucky enough to get the comfortable chairs by the windows. I happily munched down the croque monsieur with a pot of tea and would recommend the food there. The place is manic on a Saturday, huge queues and hungry people. Cambridge is in desperate need of more lovely cafes. Please come and open some!

Web work continues apace. The new computer is so lovely that I think you all deserve to see a picture of it. I’m planning to change the Gunns Apartments site and give it a new look and have made a few changes to Sheffield Massage but I’m hoping the new project will be for our writers’ group – so watch this space.

Vaio 14"

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