A spot of afternoon archery

It was warm today, so warm in fact that I wore short sleeves and thought about looking for the sun protection cream. I cycled to Churchill College Sports Grounds to meet up the University Bowmen and try a little archery. This week and next you can try shooting a bow for only £2 for three hours. It was surprisingly difficult at first as the bow seemed very heavy and complicated. I was imagining myself shooting with a small light wooden bow and a quiver of arrows while running through a forest making witty comments. Must lay off the Robin Hood for a bit. After a while I got use to the weight and managed to improve my technique and aim in just two hours – this was primarily due to the coach who was unfailing patient and helpful.
Cycling back was heavenly. The day was warm, babies were sleeping in prams, students were attempting to punt for the first time and the rowers were inducting hopefuls into the fold.
Later on after toad-in-the-hole, which was I admit mainly hole due to a lack of sausages, Tim and I cycled to the Emperor for a comedy night. We only made the second half but the comedian was good. The Emperor used to be The Globe and has just reopened – it’s now run by the people who run the Empress- or as we call it the Pig Pub due to it’s oinking inhabitance. The Emperor has all sorts of things going on including free comedy nights, live music, home cooked food, games, a jukebox and a round pool table.

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