Yoga, busking and poi

The sun was bright but low in the sky as I cycled to yoga with Martin Bondi at John’s College. The river seemed more alive than usual, with a visiting black swan preening itself and a war party of swans busking up the river in a threatening territorial display – a pen and five cygnets led the busking but others followed in their wake – all watching as one cob chased another up the river grabbing at its neck with it’s bright orange bill.
On the cycle ride back I saw people practising with fire poi on Jesus Green swirling the fire round effortlessly in beautiful swirls and and globules.
Further down there was a group of runners, running along the dark river and over the bridges calling out to each other with deep unintelligible sounds and men and boys fishing from the black water while the swans calm now plucked slimy weeds to eat.

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