Archaeology in Cambridge fields

Despite the black clouds that are swathed across the sky it’s been a beautiful evening. Tim and I cycled along the towpath to Waterbeach past rowers and water fowl. We heard our first cuckoo of the year and saw two moorhens fighting which I’ve never seen before. The flies along the river are pretty bad when it’s dusk so we had to talk with half closed mouths and cycle with squinting eyes. It was all worth it as the goal was to get to Waterbeach to attend a guided walk run by the Cambridgeshire Archaeology outreach programme. We met in the car park next to the rec and walked along the part of the old Roman canal called Car Dyke. Not named because of all the cars in it but because the old Anglo-Saxon word for weeds was similar to ‘car’. Weed dyke!
The guide was very informative and great to listen to. It turns out that the area is rich in archaeological finds – Anglo-Saxon graves and Roman pottery litter the fields. I’m looking forward to more events over the summer. You can find out more about Cambridge Archaeology on their website.

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  1. Tim Says:

    wow, i went to something similar just earlier today and also have fond memories of the wonderful cuckoos chirping in front of the setting sun. Fascinating!

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