Beelzebub’s Tea Shop by Adam Lorensen

I was incredibly pleased to get an email from Adam bearing the good news that his first ever novel is complete and available to buy. The book has basically taken him a year from idea to ebook and I have to say I’m proud of him for spending his evenings and weekends writing it. It’s called Beelzebub’s Tea Shop and it is somewhat of a palatable philosophical thriller. It’s a book of ideas and the issues it discusses are familiar to anyone who likes talking about what it means to be good. I like to think that anything that explores religion is pertinent so I’d recommend people to pick up this book and have a look. For anyone living in Cambridge it’s interesting just to walk the streets with his characters and for anyone keen on mulling over morality or the viability of a belief in God it’s a great introduction to the thorny subjects.

You can find out more about the book on his website and you can buy it on Amazon.

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