Kindle It

K has been working hard to produce a great new application for all those Kindle lovers out there. Kindle It allows you to send articles to your Kindle straight from the web. I’m finding it really useful and possibly for the first time ever I’m actually reading a lot of articles from the web. Coupled with the fact that Amazon already lets you email PDF documents to your Kindle I feel like I’m getting a chance to read all the things I previously had to print out or read on the computer screen. Feels like the future has inched closer!

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  1. Ella Says:

    Suzi! Haven’t spoken to you for ages and look at all the lovely things you’ve been doing, Rome and the like! You have Norwich folk up your way tommorow for Strawberry Fair, but I don’t think me and Libs will make it, boo, so we must try and get together soon, maybe I can come and bother you in Cambridge another day? Miss you lovely xxx

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