Wednesday seemed like the sort of day to nip out to an island so we day tripped to Brännö – a island on Göteborg’s southern archipelago. It’s easy enough to cycle to from the centre of Gothenburg – it takes about an hour. Or if you find yourself bike-less then catch the number 11 tram. Ferries depart frequently from Saltholmen to the nearest harbour on the island – Brännö Rödsten. They take about 20 minutes You can also get ferries to Brännö Husvik but these take about 45 minutes.

It’s one of the smaller islands – not much going on for visitors if you’re looking for shops and cafes. In the centre of the island you can find Brännö Värdshus and Pensionat Baggen – a restaurant and one of the few places to stayin the southern archipelago. There is also a small shop on the island as well as a museum. In the garden of one of the houses you can find Ingrids Bloomer and Plantor and stock up on little pots of green things. We arrived too late to take full advantage of any of these delights so we just walked around peacefully enjoying the late afternoon sun enjoying the car free, idyllic, peaceful spot. Once a farming community, most of the islanders now work in Gothenburg and commute on the ferries. We spent a good deal of our time there deciding if we could ever live somewhere like that. Feeling slightly sick from the ferry ride we decided against it even though it would be great fun to ride around on one of those motorised scooters with a huge tray in front.

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