Strawberry Fair 2011

Today was the long awaited Strawberry Fair on Midsummer Common. Cancelled last year for the first time since it started in 1974, it was back again this year with vigour. Thought to be originally started by Cambridge students as an alternative to the May Balls, it’s now one of largest free festivals in Europe and attracts people from all over the place.
You’ve got to have a strong stomach for crowds to enjoy the event. There is a good deal of alcohol being consumed, the whiff of cannabis and an unpleasant stench lurking around the corners of the common caused by those who couldn’t wait in the queues for the toilets. But if you can overlook those short comings and you enjoy sitting on the grass then it looks like it would be a good day out.
After I finally convinced myself to pop along to the Fair, I just headed straight to the Green Area to catch up with Tug, Mith and Youth Section and then escaped into the center, which seemed pleasantly quiet after all the fun on Midsummer Common. The revellers seem content to stay there all night and party on.

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