July brings a short shory and the shortest ferry ride

July in England has been somewhat grey and not particularly inspiring. I did manage to write my first short story in about two years and have just put it up on Amazon in Kindle format. Buy it here for an extortionate price and get all 784 words of it!

I spent the rest of the week working, cycling to work, cycling home from work, reading the Harry Potter series for the first time and finding I had nothing in the fridge to eat because I’d been too busy working and reading. The most culturally noble thing I did all week was go to to New Hall to look at their collection of women’s art and that was mainly because Mum was here to encourage that sort of after work activity.

Meanwhile K has been on the shortest ferry ride in Sweden and couldn’t resist making a video of it. You can’t see on the video but there is a woman in the small hut on the ferry pulling on a rope that pulls them across. Powered by rope! I’m loving it!.

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