Food for free

Apple season is upon us and yes I have been scrumping and yes my kitchen is now full of apples. All going brown! In fact I can’t believe I’m wasting time writing this and not getting on with making hundreds of apple crumbles and then eating them.

All in all it’s turning out to be a very satisfactory kind of September – wind and fallen leaves yes but also bright sunshine and sandal wearing warmth has been noted. The hedgerows are full of things this year. Ellie has been round filling up my kitchen with damsons, blackberries, pears and apples. It’s been a veritable bonanza. For those of you interested in free food all year you should read Food for Free by Richard Mabey.

In between climbing trees, oh alright, reaching up to pick apples from trees, I’ve managed to write an article for Now or Never, almost write the minutes for my residents association, write some more poems and been to work. Wow I hear you say!

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