A dreamy mild November

It’s been a remarkably mild November. The fireworks on Midsummer Common on the 5th were of course lovely. Kate and I avoided the crowds quite successfully and still got a super view. We even managed to get a drink, though not a seat, afterwards in the Free Press.

We had the second ever meeting of the Bookends at the Elm Tree on the 14th where we talked long and hard about Island by Aldous Huxley.

The Christmas lights were switched on on the 20th which did seem a little early but as Michaelmas Term finishes on the 2nd of December I guess it wasn’t. They were accompanied by all sorts of singing and dancing which included Mam’s little girl and a small boy who was very good on the sax. The music drifted all over the marketplace. Lion’s Yard was full of tap dancing, choirs and proud parents holding up phones trying to store the memories. Andy and I escaped the excitement to sit on a tree trunk near the Mill Pond with a couple of coffees and some great conversation.

On the 26th Tim graduated. There was much wearing of gowns, lunch at Churchill and leaning over the balcony in the Senate House and then after all that Tim was no longer just Tim but Doctor Tim. Many congratulations and celebrations! Jon spent the whole day taking photos and Mum was so proud she couldn’t speak. As it was graduation day we all got to walk around on the Senate House lawn which we made the most of as I guess it will be the only time I will be allowed. Such fun!

All in all November has whished by smoothly in a blaze of easy weather and fun. I’ve even managed to get a lot of work done and a couple of poems written!

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