A super Sunday

There is nothing as good as a lie-in especially if you’ve just worked a six day week.

After such a sleepy start to the day you can’t really be expected to leave the house much before 2pm and several cups of hot strong tea. It was, I admit, a nice day when I finally left the house and the cycle ride into town was marred only by the constant rattle of my dilapidated bike. This spurred me into action and I made my way straight to Station Cycles to get it fixed. Two weeks is long enough to put up with any such persistent clattering. Such nice people in there – a few moments and a few quid later and the bike has stopped groaning and moaning and was good to go again. Ahh it was so peacefully riding after that.

Met up with Kate and popped into Fitzbillies for a nice cup of hot choc. So great to see the place back in business and given a nice brush up! Read more about the revamp here.

After Fitzbillies you feel almost honour bound to pop to the Fitzwilliam so I did nip in to have a quick gawp at the Lacemaker. Very nice it is to on the third viewing.

As the Church of St Mary the Less was open I stuck my head round the door and then walked out of town past the evensong at Church of St Mary the Great. For some extraordinary reason it started raining unexpectedly on the way home and I was only just in time to save my washing and get myself inside before it pelted it down.

There is nothing as good as the smug feeling of getting out of the rain after a cycle ride home. It’s almost as good as a lie-in.

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