As I was going to St Ives

Lucy and I had great fun today. After spending too long in the pub on Friday with Louise, Lesley and Tony we decided to get fit, get healthy and get walking. Today we would ramble with the Walk Cambridge group and this would get us nicely on our way to fitdom. Lucy had a head start as she spent yesterday cycling to Anglesey Abbey but I decided I would not be fazed by this as I could imagine cycling there and that is very nearly the same thing.

Perhaps it wasn’t a good sign that I managed to get us lost on the way to St Ives – well those motorway signs just sort of creep up don’t they – and then you miss one little turning and suddenly everything becomes really complicated. I decided I would blame men as it was probably a man who put up the signs. We spent a happy 10 minutes abusing men and then realised we were still lost. We concentrated. We succeeded. We got to St Ives. But alas alak the walking group keen as mustard had gone.

‘They can’t have gone far’ we panted to each other as we raced through the centre of St Ives towards the church and along the peaceful country path to the village of Houghton. Certain we would catch up with them and make witty jokes about being delayed by polygamists and sacks of cats, we hurried on shouting at scared cyclists for directions. We did not catch anyone up. We decided they would be waiting for us in the pub. The pub was empty. Possibly even closed. Crazed we called out for more directions and found ourselves at the old mill. We spent 10 minutes walking around a circular path that took us round and round the adjoining camp site until we realised our mistake. We got back to the mill and headed across the meadows towards some houses. I think it was Lucy who took control at this point and managed to get us all the way to Hemingford Grey and back to St Ives. What a girl!

As we had done the six mile walk in just over 2 hours we justifiably decided to reward ourself with a nice cup of coffee. But bother it the River Tea Rooms were crammed with a whole bunch of 20 to 30 somethings dressed in waterproofs and muddy boots. Clearly they had only just arrived and were availing themselves of slices of lemon drizzle cake and steaming mugs of tea. In the warm steamy teashop it gradually dawned on us that we’d spent the entire walk about five minutes behind our quarry the whole way.

As I was going to St Ives
(Kindly letting Lucy drive)
I lost the map and missed the way
And sadly led us both astray
In circles round I had us drive
And late as late we did arrive

‘Alas!’ I thought
(I was distraught)
‘I’ve lost us good, I’ve lost us true’
‘What oh what can I do?’

And so I spent some happy time
Making up this little rhyme
If you’re going to St Ives
And really want to arrive
I think I see, I think the key
Is not to travel there with me

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Loved the poem – very jolly

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