Watching Analogue: 2401 Objects at The Junction

So Lucy was all like ‘we’ve known each other for a while now’ and I was all like ‘yeah’ and she was all like ‘shall we go to the theatre’ and I was all like ‘no way’. But then I went anyway. I mean when you’ve known someone a while the least you can do is humour their whims and fads.

We went to see Analogue: 2401 Objects which Lucy’s pal Simon was performing in. The actors were engaging, the stage management well done and the story was heartbreaking. So all in all what most people wanted I think. I spent most of the time with silent tears running down my face.

The production was inspired by the story of Patient HM who in 1953 underwent brutal surgery that removed parts of his brain in a bid to cure his epilepsy. It didn’t work and his ability to make and retain short term memories was completely destroyed. His brain already famous really hit the spotlight in 2009 when in the interests of science it was sliced up live on the internet. You can see why I spent the whole night crying now. The saddest thing about neuroscience is that so much is discovered when something going wrong with the brain.

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