‘Tissint: The Latest Arrival from Mars’

Wow! If you get the chance to go to a lecture given by Prof Monica Grady you should do it. She has a wonderful accessible and interesting style of talking. I sat in one of the Physic Building Lecture theatres at Leicester Uni today for over an hour completely enthralled by sciencey stuff! Who would have thought it. She gave a lecture on Tissint: The Latest Arrival from Mars’. Of course I think it helped hanging out with Liam Harris for the past couple of months and hearing all about the Mars based research he’s doing preparing for the XOMars mission. I now feel like a expert on how to tell if a meteorite is from Mars. Go on – ask me anything!!

Of course talking about lectures – a sell out last week was Archbishop Desmond Tutu –
you can listen to the podcast/watch the video here.

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