Hope Street Yard

It was Open Cambridge today and I fully intended to go but ended up at the Dutch bike shop in Hope Street Yard with a poorly bike instead. It’s a fascinating and entirely unassuming little hideaway down there. To get there you turn off Mill Road by Limoncello down a little alley. The alley broadens out into a yard lined with cars on one side and shed like shops on the other. In these you’ll find several little antique and retro shops. They are well worth a visit especially if you’re looking for film props but don’t be surprised if all the shops are not always open – they have very relaxed opening times down there! At the end of the yard is the Dutch bike shop and the Electric Bike shop. Above them is the Makers’ Gallery where Neil runs art classes, displays his paintings and sculptures and provides a framing service. Further back still in the yard there is a psychic and if you need some clothes repairing there is an alternations service. The whole place is perfect for Saturday potter and once you know what’s there it’s a jolly useful place too!

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