Saturday Night at the Opera – Turandot at the Royal Opera House

Saturday evening Andres and I hot footed it to London to see Turandot at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Sitting up in the gods we got to peer down through the red and gold decoration of the theatre to the red and black of the stage. It was a wonderful performance. Marco Berti singing the part of Calaf was my favourite, his voice was just fantastically rich and deep and brought a wonderful warmth to the stage and the audience was just wild for Eri Nakamura’s performance of Liu. The Opera House is an interesting place to wander around and has several restaurants and bars. The sympathetic renovation melds well with the modern addition to the building and I particularly liked the roof space where we got to look down on the pedestrians in Covent Garden and hear the music of the street performers float up to us. It was just amazing to see the performance again after the last time I was there 20 years ago. And of course entirely different watching it to being on the stage!

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