Peeking Cat Anthology 2018

Lovely to see one of my poems in the Peeking Car Anthology 2018.

Sir Alfred Munnings’ art in Newmarket

Spent a few pleasant minutes enjoying the ‘Sir Alfred Munnings: Painting Winners’ exhibition at Palace House – the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art. His paintings depicting the horses and jockeys before the races are particularly fine – the tension palpable and the energy undeniable. Next time I’m in Colchester I must visit the The Munnings Art Museum.

PhD completed

Graduated today – bringing a five year journey to an end!

The New Luciad 2016 – launching soon

The 4th edition of The New Luciad is coming soon. If you are in Leicester on 4th August do come and meet the contributors. Here is the launch poster!

G.S Fraser Prize 2016

Thrilled to find out that I have been awarded the G.S Fraser Prize this year for my poem ‘Matching’. Many thanks to the judges for choosing my poem and to my supervisor Nick Everett for his untiring support and help.

The New Luciad – 4th edition

Watch this space for the the fourth edition of the New Luciad. Editors this year are Robert Ward, Richard Fallon, Chris Harris and myself. The edition is due to come out at the end of June.

Poems published in From The Lighthouse

Exciting to see two of my recent poems published in the second ever issue of From The Lighthouse.

Poems to be published in Cake

Watch this space as Cake are publishing some of my poems in their eighth edition.

The New Luciad – third year

The launch for the third ever TNL went off without a hitch on Friday night. It’s been a great year for TNL – the editorial team were super, the contributors great and printers very helpful with our last minute changes. TNL is now on sale in the bookshop on the University of Leicester campus and you can buy it online from their shop.

Solar eclipse 2015

8.26am this morning saw the start of the solar eclipse. This one is visible from all over the UK but from Cambridge we’ll only see 3/4 of the sun covered. The eclipse will be at its fullest at 9.33am and by 10.43am it will all be over. The Institute of Astronomy are hosting a public event with talks, live video links to places where the eclipse it at its fullest and a chance to view from the observatories. Elspeth, Andres and I are at home trying desperately to see it but sadly there is just too much cloud cover that the moment. It might, we have decided, be a little darker now than it was when we woke up.