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And B is for Birthday

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Ella, Will, Susie and Rich came round to celebrate Ella’s birthday this evening. Much fun was had and eating of cake completed. A few photos can be found in the photo gallery.

O is for Oxford

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Caught the ‘Oxford Tube’ today. It’s not actually a tube but it does go to Oxford so I guess it’s not false advertising. It rained ominously on the way there and when we arrived it was bucketing it down. It cleared up in time for me to go punting. Punting is a interesting pastime. It […]

Experiencing white liberal guilt

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Went to Notting Hill Carnival today and it was as crowded, drunken and generally horrid as it had been described. As I couldn’t really see anything, I left and went and hung out in a sweet little tea shop called the muffin man in Kensington and ate cream tea and read Germaine Greer and Oscar […]

Mooching in Portobello

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

A wonderfully lazy day today, I mooched around London breathing in the atmosphere. Had my first experience of Portobello Market – wow what a place! Where to start describing! The colours, the people, the smells, the sounds… ok I give up! I wandered to Kensington and had a quick look at the palace – still […]


Friday, August 25th, 2006

I’ve been attempting to look at exciting photography courses to do in London. So far I haven’t actually succeeded and so might have to delegate the task. I went to the Tate Modern yesterday – saw a Jackson Pollack, Monet and Rothko all in the same room and it was good. I think I’m falling […]

Pleased as punch

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Am very pleased with myself becuase I have added a new page to my website. See for the shiny new page! I was inspired by all the travelling and using of travel guides to collate some useful information on Norwich, so any info for or comments on this page would be very welcome as […]

A full day in England

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

My first full day back in England. It was lovely to chill out and not rush anywhere or see anything! I’ve barely done anything except crawl out of the house to buy fruit and other necessities such as biscuits, watch bad films and hang out with friends. I spent a pleasant evening dividing my time […]

Soaring with the Gods

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Clearly a slice of heaven: view from top of hill in San Gimignano Well I’m back in sunny England. It’s so good to be home in front of a computer that I’m not quite sure what to do! 3 weeks of Internet deprivation was hard, but what I missed most was books. Being such sensible […]

Siena’s medieval beauty

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Woke up very early (7am!) and after eating a hasty breakfast I legged it to the Galleria del Accademia to see David. I was the first there about 7.30 and it was lovely to miss the place because there were no queues outside! Luckily despite walking past it several times I managed to be the […]

From little Lucca to bustling Florence

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Florence is nice for a city. It is busy with people in the way London is busy with traffic. There is lots going on in the Piazza and around the Ponte Vecchio, artists, street entertainers, hawkers, musicans etc. My plan to live off pizza has folded after 1 day and I ate salad yesterday, but […]