The Joys of London

I had a wonderful weekend in London. Bumped into Richard L on the way down and went to see his basket exhibition at City Lit. Richard incorporated plastic bags into his weaving with interesting results. Hopefully he’ll be very famous soon and then you’ll see what I mean.

Keyvan and I wandered around London for 2 days and soaked up the culture that is to be found on street corners and in museums alike. Along the Thames we listened to talented musicians, were sold flowers by a girl with wonderful hair, and then entertained by a magician under a bridge in the pouring rain. See website for photos. I managed to convince Keyvan to spend sometime in the British Museum and the V&A; he wasn’t impressed.

Got back to Norwich in time to see the end of Casanova, which was being performed in the Castle Gardens. As it was Adam’s birthday, Jo, Adam and I all wandered into town to drink milkshakes. The lovely waitress brought Adam his ice cream sundae with some sort of elaborate firework style sparkler thing which made it all much more exciting for us and more melty for the ice cream.

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  1. Anonymous Says:


    In the garden
    the girl brought to Adam
    an Apple
    fig neither
    nor yet a

    In the garden
    the girl brought to Adam
    an icecream
    all melty
    with a
    firework on top.

    What flavour

  2. Suzi S Says:

    Didn’t know you were a poet! Adam? It’s very good!

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