‘Over focused on human rights’

Having a relaxing weekend in London. Have stayed in bed all day reading The Philosophy Gym by Stephen Law. It’s well worth reading if you’re interested in philosophy made easy.

Another busy week behind me! I went to the Norwich Stop the War public meeting on Thursday evening. There was quite a good turn out and the group covered the costs of Blackfriars Hall and travel costs of the speakers – which just shows how generous people are. Among the speakers was Craig Murray who spoke very well and very disturbingly about human rights abuses in Uzbekistan (where he was the British Ambassador). He explained about how random peasants were being arrested, tortured and made to confess to being members of Al-Qaeda. Why? Because the region is crucial for the development of a massive gas pipeline and it ain’t ethical but support for the dictatorship ensures western gas interests! The persecution of imaginary Al-Qaeda members is clearly encouraged and perhaps even suggested by the west. It certainly serves their agenda if the country is rife with dangerous Al-Qaeda terrorists and they have to support the oppressive but gas-pipeline supporting dictatorship. Murray’s reports on human rights abuses sent to London were largely ignored but he did get a reply that commented that he was perhaps ‘over focused on human rights’! He’s written a book about the whole thing. You can find out about him at: www.craigmurray.org.uk.

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