Now in Nuremberg

Writing from Nuremberg where I am camped out at my brother´s flat. He is here studying German for a few month and is now really good! We arrived Saturday morning after a night of little sleep and a tiring journey! We managed to get through security but only after they´d stripped us of toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo – all dangerous items! We were pulled to one side after the metal detectors and scanning machines and after the obligatory and overly polite but random question of ´may I search your bag please´ they pulled out not a scary and intimidating weapon but a jar of Marmite! It´s a sad world where I can´t take my little brother a small jar of Marmite from England 🙁

We´ve visited Rothenburg since arriving and enjoyed it´s picturesque and sweet cobbled streets and medieval fortifications. We tried the local delicacy of cooked pastry balls called snowballs and saw the altar that is supposed to contain a drop of Christ´s blood!

We return to England tomorrow after eating a few more wursts and sauerkraut!!

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Love reading your blog…………..Did the marmite get through?

  2. suzishimwell Says:

    No they took it off me 🙁 I tried to get him to promise that he’d eat it but he just laughed…

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