Wandering London

The weekend was glorious with wonderful sunshine. I wandered around Kensington on Sunday and Monday looking at all the beautiful old houses. Kensington Gardens is an amazing space. It’s just so big and full of people when it is sunny. I wandered round with Keyvan’s camera snapping trees, flowers, and occasionally, surreptitiously, people! I’m becoming addicted to Andrew Duncan’s ‘Favourite walks round London’. Recommended buy. Originally recommended by Ellie – so thanks for that Ellie!

Keyvan and I spent Monday exploring Holland Park (much cosier than Kensington Gardens) and the quaint little Kensington streets and squares. It’s really lovely. I spent the whole time wanting to live there and then remembering that you practically have to be millionaire to do that.

I’m back in Norwich now doing more mundane things but it’s off to London and then Bath again soon for more adventures!

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