Cherry picking

It’s a lovely day off today and if Keyvan finishes working I’m going to convince him to cycle to Richmond Park. Outside the window I can see a blackbird picking cherries off the cherry tree and life suddenly seems good!

The CELTA course is going well, I handed my first assignment in yesterday and am now trying to get ready for the first teaching next week. It’s a real struggle learning word stress at the moment but I’ve made headway with the grammar and although my writing hasn’t improved yet, I can almost name types of words and tenses!

The rest of my time is being taken up with the psychology course. I have to conduct my first experiment for my next assignment, luckily they talk us through it so it’s not too hard but it’s odd to actually do one and not just read about them.

In between moments of working incredibly hard I’m celebrating the upcoming smoking ban, especially after spending a couple of evening recently in smoky environments. It’s great when the government gets things right – occasional but great. Once in place my cravings will – I’m convinced – disappear for ever. All I’ll need then is for a ban on smoking in films and I’ll probably never think of them again.

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