Living in Masthugget

We had a pretty busy weekend here and so I’ve not done much exploring of the city. Saturday was the big move and involved spring cleaning the old flat before we left and then moving in to the new flat and doing all the cleaning, settling in and working out how to turn the tv on that that involves. Our new flat looks out over Gothenburg and is built into a hill. You enter the small looking building at ground level from pedestrian only paths and through beautifully maintained communal gardens. The back has quite a different feel – the building has that typical flat look common in the architecture here – and is several stories high. Looking out of the huge windows, that open surprisingly far, you get vertigo if you’re a wimp like me!

We can see over some of Gothenburg from the back – our claim to fame is that we can see the famous lipstick building. We can also see the cranes on the dock and the top of the ferry when it’s in! The absolutely best bit is the great wide view of the sky which is especially nice when dawn breaks or the sun sets. The area we’re in is called Masthugget and we’re near the famous church here. I’m told that the area used to be inhabitated by dock workers due to it’s proximity to the dock and gained it’s name that way.

I’ve been on a bit of an explore up the river and it’s pretty industrial in parts – Gothenburg is Sweden’s biggest port so lots of stuff comes through here including most of Sweden’s oil. I’ve also been checking out where all the cheapest supermarkets are nearby which is quite satisfying because Sweden isn’t cheap to live in. At the moment though it is so hot here that I’m actually hiding in the flat until it cools down!

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