Small doses of culture

The cultural festival was quite good. The city was heaving with people night and day. On Friday night we went to see Circo da Madrugada – Fallen From the Sky. It was a magnificent acrobatic, tightrope walking, juggling and fire breathing display. The story they structured all this around was based on a Brazilian legend – that every 500 years the angels are allowed to come down to earth and enjoy themselves for a night. The performers were fantastic. They swooped in on wires from the tops of the government buildings that surround Gustav Adolf’s Torg and entertained us for a good hour with their amazing feats. Fearless, they bounded up and down the huge dome shaped steel structure, swirled on ropes, swung on swings and made us all fall in love with the sheer beauty of their movements.
On Saturday we explored the numerous stalls and street performances that were dotted around the city including the medieval fair at the Cathedral.
And on Sunday we wandered into Liseberg seeing as there was free entrance to the theme park after 5pm. We’d so far failed to go in as it costs 70 sek to get through the gate and that doesn’t include any rides. We had a good look round the place and it was ok but I’m not really into theme parks. I was hoping I would manage to get one of the huge bars of chocolate that I see everyone walking around with but sadly you had to play a game to win them so my dreams went unrealized!

I’m continuing my punishing regime of a Swedish lesson a day and can now say a few sentences and recognise a few words and have even managed to say a couple of sentences to real Swedish speakers and had the pleasure of them understanding me.

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