A gentle autumnal day

It’s a damp autumnal day in Gothenburg. The leaves have turned yellow and red and the bush outside my window is thinning to an alarming degree. The sky is heavy with clouds and there is a invigorating freshness in the air. I got back here yesterday after whizzing all over the Eastern region of England. I spent a day in Market Harborough quite happily wandering around all the little shops tucked down alleys and round corners. The library there lets you use the internet all day it would seem so I spent a few happy hours there too.
Back in Norwich for the weekend I managed to catch up with old friends and meet little Liberty for the first time. She is without a doubt the cutest baby in the world and I spent a good deal of time on Saturday night ahhing over her tiny fingers and chubby cheeks. To finish off the all too brief time in England I went back to Cambridge and spent lots of time in Kettles Yard – a little yet wonderful modern art gallery attached to a most interesting house that has been donated to the University. You are perfectly welcome to go in and sit down among the art and treasure objects of its past owner and read a book or sketch a drawing. There is a wonderful homely atmosphere there. I also wandered in and out of the Fitzwilliam which has so much to see that you just want to return. The center of Cambridge is lovely to wander around and the market is great. It’s quite amazing being so close to the fantastically old buildings, it gives you the most amazing sense of continuity and security.
I stood watching the grasshoppper clock opposite Kings College – a definite favourite among the tourists and had the sense of being enveloped and awed by human desire to explain symbolically. You get this feeling there often.
There are scores of museums and places I haven’t been to and so I think a return to Cambridge is inevitable.

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