Free Swedish Lessons

I went to my first Swedish lesson today. If you’re in Sweden for long enough to get yourself a personal number then you can apply for Swedish lessons from the government. Known as SFI which stands for Svenska för invandrare (Swedish for immigrants), these are provided free of charge and are really quite intensive. There are two courses – C and D and everyone starts on C. Course C runs for three hours a day, five days a week for anything up to six or seven months and D anything up to four months. The first half of course C gets you up and talking and then during the second part of the course you get to do a sort of work experience called ‘pracktik’ so that you have the opportunity to speak Swedish in the work place.

I don’t actually start until next Monday but I’m looking forward (albeit apprehensively) to actually learning with other people. I hoping I’ve put down a good base with the time I’ve spent with Lingaphone (borrowed from the well stocked library here). I get to spend about 20 minutes talking with a teacher before the course starts on Monday so I expect I’ll find out lots more details then. At the moment I’m still a bit in shock that my course runs from 8am to 11.15 every day.

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