Mitt första Svenska lärdom

I woke up early very excited because today was the very first day of my Swedish lessons with SFI. I bundled myself up protectively against the cold and wet only to get half way down the hill and fall off my bike. Soaking wet and very shaken I had to limp home to get changed and start the journey all over again. Eventually I got to class, very late but happily in time for fika with kanelbullar!

All my studying has paid off so far and there wasn’t much I didn’t understand. The teacher is very kind and speaks slowly. The class seems very nice, altogether we will have three teachers so I guess that will help us with not becoming dependent on one teacher’s accent. And there is an interesting mix of students from all over the world. It was really nice to be sitting cozily in a classroom again and chanting after the teacher – it was happily reminiscent of primary school.

So now I will try to write some of this in Swedish as well! Bear with me as it’s probably going to be hideously wrong!!

Idag jag ha mitt första Svenska lärdom med SFI och det var bra. Alla mitt studiera hjälpa och det jag förstå mycket. Läraren är mycket vänlig och talar långsamt.

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