Pixelache, Five Filters and The Bay

I’m off to Helsinki this weekend to go to Pixelache where K is going to be in the spotlight for a couple of minutes talking about his Five Filters project. Apparently there is snow on the ground there – so it will be like travelling back in time to the winter. I’ve got four books out of the library on Helsinki and fully intend to read all of them so that I will well prepared to see all the sights the city has to offer. That is if I get a moment off from writing articles for Now or Never and working.

Sadly all this travel to the far corners of Scandinavia means I can’t go to Storan to see Sahara Hotnights playing.

Meanwhile the Pirate Bay trial has come to an end. A verdict isn’t expected before April 17th and the defendants are facing face up to two years in prison each and $180,000 in fines plus millions in damages. If all this seems too gloomy then check out xkcd great cartoon to lighten the mood.

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