This is the Colbert Report: Pro War Propaganda

While catching up on this weeks Colbert Report I was saddened to find Stephen Colbert appears to have gone over to Iraq not only to entertain the troops but also to provide us with some good old war propaganda. So far on the show he has had Obama, Bush No.1, Clinton, Biden and Palin give short amusing cockle warming speeches to the troops. He has had the Iraq Deputy Prime Minter on congratulating the Americans for invading the country to save them from tyranny and genocide. Meanwhile there has been nothing on the number of people killed due to the illegal invasion. Nor has there been any mention of torture, use of depleted uranium or the use of white phosphorus. He has not mentioned the sanctions that devastated the country for a decade between the two Iraq wars. Colbert in his brief history of Iraq totally failed to mention that the USA funded and supported Saddam Hussein. While it is true that the people of Iraq are better off without an oppressive ruler like Hussein – for Colbert to only focus on that aspect of the situation amounts to pro war propaganda. It doesn’t take long to mention the facts – check out Chomsky’s succinct summery of them.
I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion on the web although one blogger has talked about it.

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  1. willyloman Says:

    Now that makes two of us. I was very sad to see him pitching for the other team like that. Even letting them cut his hair. A year ago if O’Reilly had done that same thing, Colbert would have made fun of it for a month. Now he’s the one doing it. sad really. sad for him, sad for us. Nice website.

    Thanks for the link to Chomsky’s list.

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