Straw hats and boaters

Yesterday morning I sat on the balcony in the glorious sunshine munching English muffins and butter and watching the myriad of rowers battle their way up and downstream. To compete the illusion of a life of idleness I donned a massive straw hat and sipped a cool drink. This is the life. When I finally torn myself away from the balcony I went to see an exhibition by Katy Bailey at The Pumping Station on Cheddars Lane. There were some artists exhibiting as well as some photos up. It was great nipping between bits of old machines to squint at the pictures.
I then cycled into town over Midsummer Common to get to Parkers Piece so I could help out on the Cycling Campaign stall. Wandering around I also met the Humanist Society and have resolved to go along to some of their events and find out what they’re like. To finish the day off I met up with Andy and sat on the wall outside King’s College chatting about life, politics and other such great matters!

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